The Lumos Group offers sustained, comprehensive recovery and mental health guidance through one-on-one mentorship and family advocacy, crisis intervention, care coordination, drug and alcohol monitoring and more. Founded by Howard Butt IV, we seek to become a trusted ally and valued counsel, shining light on the key elements of wellness and sobriety through self-growth, purpose, connection and joy.


Howard Butt IV has been serving the behavioral health community of Austin, Texas for more than 10 years. Since graduating from Southern Methodist University, he has worked alongside therapists, mentors and other experienced clinicians, supporting hundreds of clients through issues ranging from depression and anxiety, to bipolar disorder, to alcoholism and substance abuse.

Howard has found great joy and purpose in working one-on-one with clients, providing the types of long-term, life-changing support that leads to enduring hope, growth and recovery. His passion for this work is rooted in his own personal experience of overcoming life’s struggles. Over the years, Howard has worked with multiple providers and a range of treatment facilities including trauma recovery work, dialectical behavior therapy, personal coaching and family programming, giving him the knowledge to ascertain which were helpful and which were harmful. He understands first-hand the unique strengths (as well as pressures) that arise from being from an influential family and accountable to many.

In 2014, Howard founded a robust behavioral health center in Austin using the Innovation360 model of providing case management, therapy, family support and coaching.

At Lumos, Howard’s focus has narrowed to building a best-in-class mentorship and coaching program. He will also connect his clients to a full spectrum of services. Howard has seen and experienced how this approach leads to long-term wellness, recovery, and a brighter future.

Shae Millette, Client Liaison and Recovery Mentor

Shae Millete has worked in the field of recovery for over seven years. With experience as an admissions specialist, program coordinator, group facilitator and more, she brings a wide range of skills, knowledge and compassion to The Lumos Group.

In her role as a Recovery Mentor, Shae offers guidance and support to help clients cultivate long-term sobriety, joy and purpose. As Client Liaison, she handles admissions and referrals, connects loved ones with resources, and so much more. Overall, Shae hopes to continue to protect the sanctity of one-on-one connection for others in recovery, to help ensure Lumos is the best fit for clients and loved ones, and to treat each person as an individual worthy of love and respect. In her free time, Shae loves to read (her favorite author is John Irving) as well as hike and spend time outdoors. As a mom in recovery, she stays involved in the community, and she especially enjoys spending time with her kids by playing together, going to sporting events, and swimming at Barton Springs.
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