Client Services


The Lumos Group serves individuals searching for support on the path to recovery from substance use, ranging from young adults to working professionals. 

You may feel as if you’re always one step behind, fighting a losing battle to maintain sobriety, personal relationships and more.

Despite resources, well-meaning loved ones and checking all the “boxes,” you might be missing out on the best part of life without the right tools and guidance.

Our Services

Through these key elements, our goal is to help our clients achieve ongoing sobriety, meaningful purpose, social connection and joy in each day — the foundation for a life worth living.


Conducted at the time and location most convenient for each client, an initial assessment helps us understand one’s strengths and challenges, their history with mental health and substance use, their support system, family dynamics and more. For approximately 1-1.5 hours, we’ll seek to unravel individual struggles and shed light on the path ahead together. We will also discuss your rights to confidentiality, as well get your written permission to collaborate with involved family members and treatment providers.

Sober Mentorship

To us, mentorship runs deeper than substance use or surface-level struggles. It means undivided attention; being with someone when their life is in pieces, and sticking around to help pick them up. It means offering support, holding firm boundaries, and providing an example of how to move forward in a healthy way. Step by step, we’ll work toward concrete, attainable goals, forming a trusted relationship and becoming an important companion on the path to recovery. Whether that means grocery shopping, attending meetings, rediscovering hobbies or mending personal connections, we’ll walk alongside you through it all.


We hold that family is a vital component in maintaining positive connection, support and reinforcement. In times of challenge or crisis, relationships may feel strained, dependent or lacking in healthy communication. Through weekly or biweekly phone calls or in-person meetings, we’ll work with clients’ loved ones to build trust, inform healthy boundaries, educate on the family system and broker resources as-needed. Our aim is to achieve a level of dependability and involvement that benefits all parties; to cultivate reconnection with a better understanding of each person and their experience.

Drug & Alcohol

Weekly, randomized drug and alcohol monitoring helps build accountability and trust. UA and remote alcohol testing as-needed can begin to bridge the gap between past experiences and renewed confidence.

Care & Treatment

Professional care outside of mentorship is vital for individuals in recovery, providing a network of support and fostering wellness in all areas of life. Other needs may include psychological care, individual or family therapy, or medical care. Lumos can step in as an advocate, connecting clients with the appropriate resources and collaborating with treatment providers to ensure the best possible outcome.


At times, clients may require additional guidance. Crisis can come in many forms, such as relapse, arrest, mental health concerns or family issues. The need may arise to identify and negotiate detox or in-patient care, transport a client to treatment, meet with their support network, or even stay with a client overnight. Lumos can assist with all potential outcomes, providing experience, knowledge and counsel.

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