Attorney Services

With more than a decade in the behavioral health field, we believe there is a strong need for sustained, one-on-one support when it comes to legal challenges such as divorce, custody and criminal matters. If you have a client that may benefit from mental health or substance use guidance, we’d love to discuss how The Lumos Group can help them meet their goals and the standards needed to achieve the desired result.

Combined with your legal counsel, our comprehensive services can help clients establish long-term recovery, stability and personal agency, ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties.

The Lumos Group may assist with legal matters by:

  • Keeping clients accountable amid visitation, mediation, probation, trial and more.
  • Monitoring drug and alcohol use through randomized UAs and remote testing.
  • Brokering funds for recommended treatment plans, legal fees, and other costs incurred.
  • Assisting with crisis intervention, such as relapse or mental health emergencies.

Client confidentiality is maintained unless subpoenaed, or disclosure is previously agreed upon via signed release.


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